Tough Dog 4WD Suspension

Shock Absorbers

The Tough Dog 40mm / 9 Stage Adjustable Shock Absorbers are easily adjusted using the external knob.  Simply adjust all shocks in less than a minute to suit your ride!  from $426.00 a pair

Tough Dog 4WD Suspension

Return to Centre Steering Damper

The Tough Dog Return to Centre Steering Dampers are one of our Best Sellers- Steering, Direction, Perfection $180.00 each

Tough Dog 4WD Suspension

Complete Lift Kit

The Team at Tough Dog have nailed it in the design and development of their Complete Suspension Upgrades. Give us a call for a price on a kit to suit your ride.

After installing your suspension upgrade we complete a full re-alignment before it leaves our workshop.  We like to call it "Doing it right, Doing it once"

Tough Dog 4WD Suspension

Leaf Springs

Tough Dog Leaf Springs are tried and tested in the Australian Outback and customer feedback confirms you can't beat them.

With different constant weight options available, pricing varies.

Give us a call for pricing


Re-aligning of a vehicle following a suspension upgrade/lift kit is essential.

On completion of installing your suspension upgrade we carry out a full re-alignment right here in our workshop.  We often hear of suspension upgrades being installed by accessory fitters who advise the customer..

Wait for a couple of weeks and then go and have a quick wheel alignment done


  • The wheel alignment following a suspension upgrade should be done on the same day prior to leaving the workshop.

  • A "quick wheel alignment" generally refers to a tracking/toe-in adjustment, this in insufficient following a suspension upgrade. 

Waiting a couple of weeks will cost you tyres. 

  • Ensure a wheel alignment is included in the price of your suspension upgrade

  • Ensure the wheel alignment is being carried out by an alignment specialist

  • Ensure the wheel alignment has been completed when you collect your vehicle

  • We don't re-align vehicles/complete work on vehicles with suspension upgrades installed elsewhere.